Chef Life Sebo



I’m a Canadian, my mother is from Trinidad and my father is from Guyana. I love to bake the classics like a chocolate mousse or a rich black forest cake. I also like to create the unfamiliar desserts like a beet, raspberry and white chocolate muffin or a spicy citrus cookie. The sky’s the limit.

I love a lot of classic dishes that I grew up with like curry goat, stew oxtail, rice and peas with pigs’ tail, pumpkin and saltfish with coconut bake, etc. Asian and European cuisine has also become a love of mine.

I love food and every aspect of it. The sheer pleasure of someone’s facial expression when someone takes a bite of one of my delectable and savoury dishes is priceless! Whether it’s one of my tastefully, well-spiced entrées or one of my mouth-watering rich desserts, I love having people engaged in my gastronomic creations. I love cooking and have been doing it professionally for the last 13 years.

From a young age, I always enjoy searching through my parents’ cookbooks to find something to bake or cook. I ate a lot of West Indian and Caribbean food when I was growing up as well, I learn a lot through watching my parents cook.

Chef Life Sebo


I also was fascinated by other cultures cooking and cuisine.

When I left the cadets at the age of 19, I started working at a Pizza Hut. During my time there, I discovered that I wanted to do so much more than just opening bags of pre-cut vegetables and pre-made sauces. So, I took a professional cooking course at P.A.C.C. and began my culinary adventure.

After graduating from culinary school, I worked a year at Bueno Notte. I worked alongside the pastry chef and my love for baking grew. I felt my passion and knowledge growing more with every day of work. I wanted to create delicious mouth-watering desserts as he did, so I signed up for a professional pastry making class and since then I’ve been doing what I love. Which is cook, bake, and grow because there is always something new to learn.

I’m it this profession because I truly love what I do. As long as there are hungry people who love good food (and there’s plenty of you out there), I’ll be here to satisfy your hunger or sweet tooth.

“Unique and sensational touch on exquisite platters, with an international taste with a Caribbean flavour that would run water in your mouth just to watch cooking, Chef Life brings it from his heart to your table.”



Here at Chef Life Catering, we are dedicated to preparing, cooking, and serving food we would serve to our own families. Our ingredients come from local grocery stores. We support local and Canadian-owned all the way.

What makes us special? Our unique recipes blend the Canadian palette with the classic Caribean flavors our family grew up with with a dash of Asian when needed.

We are also proud to be a black-owned and run Canadian company. Chef Life Catering’s goal is to share and provide the community with fresh, healthy, and tasty meals for you and your family.