What people are saying about Chef Life.

“Unique and sensational touch on exquisite platters, with an international taste with a Caribbean flavour that would run water in your mouth just to watch cooking, Chef Life brings it from his heart to your table.”


“Chef Sebo is an all-around amazing chef. I’ve had the honor of trying countless of his recipes & creations and he will always use every ounce of effort to get to his goal of satisfying your appetite. He makes the best tzatziki, still to this day I haven’t had any better. Do yourself a favor and grab one of his sandwiches or burgers!”


All I know is Chef Sebo’s creativity is on point. Not only can you get jokes and good vibes from a brotha’, but he’ll also sell you the WTF cookie and a whole lot of other collaboration on thoughts put into his food.

I love this brotha’s grind, I love the brotha’s thoughts, he takes care of his family and all that love goes into his food and that’s what matters to me the most. His love for food, his attention to the craft and his culinary skills are all ingredients in his food and that’s what I appreciate the most about Chef Sebo and his cuisine.”


“In the cooking world, you often find people trying different fusions in order to draw a crowd, the difference with Sebo is that his combinations don’t only sound interesting but they taste even better than you can imagine. I have never been disappointed by anything Sebo has ever prepared. I strongly recommend him for any occasion.


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